Thursday, 30 June 2016

Launch of the LibreLink!

New Mobile App Enables Smartphone Access to Glucose Data Directly from FreeStyle® Libre Sensors

Today is the Lanch of LibreLink! 

ImageAbbott, in partnership with AirStrip, have created ‘LibreLink’ which is an app on Android smartphones allowing you to see your glucose data on your phone straight from the Libre sensor. For me this sounds brilliant allowing me to carry less diabetes equipment and easily being able to access my levels from my phone which, quite simply, never leaves my hand!

Finding out about this in Stockholm I have been desperate to try it. On Tuesday night I had a Skype conversation with Abbott, #DXStockholm friends, Joel - the research and development product lead who gave us a further insight into the app, and Steven Dixon (our Type 1 celeb in residence) showing us his user experience. Very exciting stuff!

Speaking to Steven he had lots of positive things to say about the LibreLink. Hypo at the time Stevens phone showed a reading, behind which was a red background. Red shows a hypo, green an in range level and amber a hyper. Steven also showed us how much clearer the app is to see the trends of his data - with a bigger screen than the current reader you can spot patterns in more detail. The app also gives you an estimated HBA1C, something currently you cannot get straight from the Libre handset. 

The LibreLink app can be used with the phone alongside the Freestyle Libre handset if you wish, however this must be scanned by both devices within the first hour of the sensor startup ‘limited late join’ (scan with the Libre handset first). Both devices must be scanned every 8 hours if you wish to see a trend line of data. The difference between the app and the handset is that there is no test strip/ketone strip availability with the app and there is also no insulin calculator - something myself I haven't used so this wouldn't bother me. However the app allows you to share your data directly to the cloud and it can be shown alongside Diasend displays - which normally I would only see at clinic appointments. 


So far the app will only work on Android phones on the Google Play store, this is because (and Im not a tech wiz so I don't really understand) but it uses NFC (near field communication) - something that is limited in Apple phones to Apple Pay. With the Android phone the scan point on the phone will vary depending on the size and location of the NFC and if the worst was to happen and your phone broke - the data would already be saved in the cloud.

Unlike apps like Snapchat, which I'm obsessed with, the LibreLink app does not drain your battery, only using a very small amount, and doesn't take up much storage! Something for a social media addict like me means that I can also keep all my favourite apps in addition to the LibreLink. 


With 10 days left on my current sensor I can’t yet start using the LibreLink! Its going to be a long 10 days! The app is going to allow me even more freedom than the Libre already does - how is this possible! I’d love to hear everyones thoughts on the app and I'm going to be very jealous until I can start up a new sensor! 

Thankyou to Stephen, Joel and the Abbott team for allowing me to be part of the LibreLink process and I cannot wait to use the app!

Lots of love The Backpacker and the Pod xxx


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